Only the Russians “” developed these toxins, he said after the Salisbury attack.

Only the Russians “” developed these toxins, he said after the Salisbury attack.

What else should happen? “” Source: “Federal Labor Minister Heil wants to work for better working conditions in the meat industry. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) After the Corona outbreaks in the meat industry, the cause was quickly identified: exploitation Eastern European workers on the basis of work contracts. Now the working conditions are to be re-regulated. Labor Minister Heil mentions the first details in the “ntv Frühstart” “. Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil wants to present a draft law for better working conditions in the meat industry this month No longer give work contracts and temporary work in this branch, said the SPD politician in the RTL / ntv show “” Frühstart “”.

Slaughtering, cutting and processing meat will be about permanent jobs and decent wages. Heil also mentioned monitoring of health protection at work and in accommodation, digital time recording and stricter controls by the state authorities. “We will purposefully clean up the industry,” announced the minister. At the end of the month, the federal cabinet should pass a bill. Heil emphasized that there would no longer be any voluntary announcements by the meat industry. Local corona outbreaks had occurred in several meat processors in recent weeks, including Germany’s largest meat company Tönnies in North Rhine-Westphalia. On Thursday, the slaughter at the headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück resumed after a four-week compulsory break. The Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs also defended the planned national supply chain law. “” We don’t ask companies what they can’t do.

The point is to assess risks, where human rights are violated, and to take measures. “” The SPD politician also invokes demands from the business community to pass such a law. “” We want other parts of the world to have decent conditions. German companies are also responsible for this. “” Heil named Daimler, Tchibo and Hapag Lloyd, who would campaign for regulation of supply chains. During the German Council Presidency, the Federal Minister of Labor wants to make the national supply chain law a model for an EU solution. “” In the context of the Council Presidency, we want to ensure that this applies to Europe. Because the European economic area is so strong that we can make a contribution to improving working conditions in Ethiopia or the Congo, for example. “” Heil does not want to object to any objections from industry and commerce that companies are arrested for third-party mistakes accept. “” The companies that are already taking care of human rights due diligence must not be put at a competitive disadvantage compared to those who do not care. “” From the point of view of the Minister of Labor, the need for action is imperative. If you don’t care about such issues, then they would reach us in Europe and Germany. “” At the latest with the immigration of poverty. It is a contribution to a fair globalization.

It’s about the economic success of the company, no question about it. But there is no avoiding human rights due diligence. “” Heil announces the passage of the law for the autumn: “” We will be adopting key points in the cabinet in August, there will be a law in autumn and next year we will do everything to ensure that Europe also receives fair regulations for this. “” Source:, ako “After the poison attack on Skripal in 2018, investigators only approached the crime scene in protective clothing. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) In 2018 the Russian double agent Skripal is poisoned with it, now The Putin critic Navalny: The neurotoxin of the Novichok group causes paralysis that can lead to death. The chemical weapon from the Cold War has only been on the list of banned substances for a year. It is a particularly effective poison: the substance with which the Russian opposition politician Alexej Navalny was poisoned according to the analysis of a Bundeswehr laboratory, comes from the so-called Novitschok group. The name of the chemical weapon means a In Russian, as much as “” newcomer “”.

Soviet scientists developed the neurotoxin between 1970 and 1980 at the height of the Cold War in a state research institute in Moscow. Nerve toxins are warfare agents that attack the nervous system – especially enzymes that are important for communication between nerve cells and muscles. Actually, these enzymes called acetylcholinesterase break down the messenger substance acetylcholine, which causes muscles to tense up. Novitschok and some other neurotoxins such as sarin and VX make the enzyme ineffective, so that the messenger substance accumulates more and more.

This accumulation initially triggers cramps, then paralysis and can ultimately lead to death from suffocation or heart failure. To save victims of poisoning, their breathing and heartbeat must be artificially maintained if necessary. At the same time, as in the case of Nawalnys, the patients receive atropine, which blocks the receptors for acetylcholine and thus gives the body time to break down the toxin and produce new enzymes. Like the university expert quoted by the British Science Media Center Nottingham, Wayne Carter, says the poison can “” enter the body “” through the skin, inhalation, or ingestion. “It is important to determine when and where the poison was administered to ensure that the poison is not still present at the scene or has not been spread,” he warns. Novichok was also used in the attack on the former Russian double agent Sergej Skripal in March 2018 in Salisbury, England.

Skripal and his daughter were exposed to the neurotoxin and narrowly escaped death. However, a 44-year-old British woman who thought a bottle later found containing the poison was a perfume died of it. The decontamination of the small town took almost a year. London accuses the Kremlin of instigating the attack in retaliation for Skripal’s work as a double agent. Moscow denies this.

The Russian chemist Wil Mirsajanow, who emigrated to the USA in 1995, drew the public’s attention to the existence of the secret Novichok program after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “” Only the Russians “” developed these toxins, he said after the Salisbury attack. Skripal and his daughter were, to the best of his knowledge, the first people the neurotoxin was used against. It was only after the attack on Skripal that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) added Novichok to its list of prohibited substances last year. It was the first adjustment of the list since it first came into force in 1997. Source:, with AFP “FDP boss Lindner relies on creative solutions and personal responsibility for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In the” “ntv Frühstart” “he makes it clear: A He does not consider the ban on firecrackers, as the prime ministers are striving for, to be necessary. The chairman of the FDP, Christian Lindner, has spoken out against a ban on firecrackers on New Year’s Eve. “” We are not children, we are adults, we are citizens ” “, he said in the” “ntv early start” “.” “We are even trusted to vote and to conclude contracts,” “he added. At the turn of the year, the party leader is relying on appeals instead of bans.” “Please, we all go responsibly with the Freedom to roar, please don’t stand close together, please no big booze, “” he said. Perhaps you could roar a little less this year. “” But I don’t think a ban is necessary to contain the I. Infection happening. “” On Wednesday the Prime Ministers and the Chancellor want to decide how the partial lockdown will continue in December.

It is now clear that the November measures will be extended. However, special rules should apply to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve fireworks should be prohibited in busy public places and streets in order to avoid larger groups. Basically, it is “” recommended “” not to use New Year’s Eve fireworks at the turn of the year – but there is no sales ban. With a view to Christmas, Lindner makes it clear: There must also be rules for the family Christmas.

The nuclear family must be able to come together, but everyone must be considerate of people who are at particular risk. “” It is our responsibility to ensure protection for our grandparents and our parents by not exposing ourselves to individual risks before Christmas. “” Lindner also believes that more rapid tests make sense. That would give a certain security in dealing with the family. “Allowing all people access to the rapid test is more important than trying to enforce unreal contact restrictions in the nuclear family anyway.” “Lindner does not consider an extension of the partial lockdown to be surprising. “” When the so-called November lockdown, this breakwater, was decided, there were already great doubts on our part that one could even find out. “” For him it is still open to this day under which conditions another one will be released Opening is possible as long as there is no vaccine. The FDP expects this strategy from the government, including from Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday – the head of government wants to make a government statement in the Bundestag. “” Not only what is now being closed, but the government must also explain when, under what circumstances, under what conditions, opening is possible again, life is possible again! “” Source:, ntr “Christian Lindner (Photo : imago images / Reiner Zensen) Christian Lindner hires a new FDP general secretary, although the old one has not yet resigned, making it very difficult for him to deny that there has been a dirty campaign against Linda Teuteberg in the past few weeks.

Only after a quarter of an hour does Christian Lindner even use the name Linda Teuteberg in his mouth. “” I thanked her for her work. She will remain a strong part of our team, “” said the party leader after the board meeting. Previously, he had explained several motions to the party congress, said that he would propose the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Economics, Volker Wissing, as Secretary General, had named Harald Christ as the successor to Treasurer Otto Solms and announced a new observer position. Only then, as in the subordinate clause, does he mention the name of the woman, which he himself put up about a year ago. Teuteberg is not present at the press conference; Lindner has actually dropped his general secretary.

The issues in the country have changed, and the FDP has to react to this in its team line-up, he argues. “” I’ll say it very frankly: In this situation, I need more help and support in the leadership of the party, “” said Lindner. In doing so, he apparently wants to confront critics who accuse him of performing a “” one-man show “” in the FDP. Only in the morning did the head of the youth organization Julis, Ria Schröder, speak of a “one-man FDP” in an interview. It is unacceptable “” that only one face is connected to the FDP “”.

At the same time, with this sentence, Lindner accuses Teuteberg of not having given him enough support, confirming a rumor that has persisted for weeks. And that says: Lindner is dissatisfied with the general secretary and wants to get rid of her. Since the end of June, media reports have been increasing that the party’s displeasure with Teuteberg’s work.

New allegations were cited that the general secretary was too passive, too perfectionist and that the party had too few successes in the elections during her term of office. What these indications had in common was that they were submitted anonymously. Behind the scenes there was talk of a campaign from Lindner’s environment.

A member of the parliamentary group called it a “” concerted attack “” on In addition to critical tones, there are also many voices in the FDP who praise Teuteberg’s work. The accusation is circulating that Lindner is looking for a scapegoat for the party’s crisis, and that Lindner has neither denied nor confirmed the rumors. However, in the past few weeks he has evaded the question of Teuteberg’s future in several interviews – which is a clear indicator in top politics.

On Sunday evening, reporters from the “” Bild “” newspaper observed how Lindner met some loyal friends in a Berlin restaurant. His parliamentary managing director Marco Buschmann, the deputy FDP prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Joachim Stamp, the Lower Saxony FDP leader Stefan Birkner, the state chairman Baden-Württemberg, Michael Theurer – and Volker Wissing, whom Lindner now wants to make general secretary, were there. Officially, the meeting was about the successor to Treasurer Solms. But then it is questionable why Lindner did not invite all of the country managers.

Then Teuteberg would have been there as head of the Brandenburg regional association. Especially since the “” Spiegel “” reported last week that the election on this question fell on the former SPD member Harald Christ. And that was also proposed in today’s meeting.

So there is much to suggest that Lindner and his family forged the plan yesterday evening to get rid of Teuteberg today. Shortly thereafter, the Secretary General announced that she would make her office available. Lindner has thus prevailed with his wish to get rid of them.

However, the matter could have dire consequences for him. At least it will be very difficult for him to deny that there has been a dirt campaign against Teuteberg in the past few weeks. And who of his internal party critics would believe him that he didn’t launch this campaign? In the party, there are increasing voices criticizing Lindner for his sole rule over party and parliamentary group chairmanship: He leaves too little space for the offspring, it is said.

In fact, in all other parties, these posts are shared across several shoulders. Lindner’s handling of the Thuringia election also brought a lot of criticism. Afterwards the FDP member of the Bundestag Thomas Sattelberg said in an interview with the “Handelsblatt” “that one might think that Lindner no longer had his party under control.

And FDP veteran Gerhart Baum accused Lindner of saying that under him the party had “” moved too far to the right “” and only “” perceived it as a party that is always against “”. Teuteberg had a number of advocates in the Faction and so it is likely that the number of its critics will continue to grow.