Both TV technologies still have advantages and disadvantages

Both TV technologies still have advantages and disadvantages

Then switch on the synchronization. Hardware tests – hard disks: test reports on internal and external hard disks and SSDs Windows: open zip file, unzip, create – a quick explanation SSD hard disk: the ultimate data turbo for every computer Online storage: cloud storage – 5 popular solutions in the technology guide and computers: Tips on computers, smartphones, the Internet & use more smartphone than hard drive – Android and iPhone

"Time Machine" works in the background and always backs up your data when something changes. Unfortunately, the synchronization only works for the entire system, but not for individual files. When synchronizing via an external hard drive, you generally have to make sure that the hard drive is connected and switched on. This is especially important if you have set automatic synchronization.

If the HD television is lagging, that is, game events are shown with an annoying delay, some video games become practically unplayable. However, there are a few tricks that can be used to counter this undesirable phenomenon.

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This will prevent the HD television from lagging

In order to prevent the HD television from lagging from the outset when you play a video game, it is best to make sure that the device has a so-called “game mode” when you buy it. This automatically deactivates certain parameters that ensure better viewing but a worse gaming experience. In order to create a perfect picture, the data stream is processed with various computationally intensive video filters.

If your HD television is lagging and does not have such a game mode, you can also deactivate video processing manually. Unfortunately, this is hidden in the individual models under sometimes cryptic names such as 3DNR, ACL, CTI, DRA or “HD Natural Motion”. If in doubt, take a look at the operating instructions for your television set.

More tricks if your HD TV is lagging

Apart from that, the resolution of the console when playing video games should match that of the HD TV (usually 1080p). However, this is not possible with older consoles. An emergency solution here is the display without conversion, which some HD televisions offer. In this case, the image is displayed in the middle with a border around it, which of course means that you no longer benefit from the large screen. If you do not connect the console directly to the television, but to an AV receiver, you should activate the “Video Pass-through” option. Then nothing should stand in the way of untroubled video game enjoyment. 

Only HD televisions suitable for games bring the latest games for the console to their full advantage and ensure untroubled gaming fun. We tell you what to look for when buying.

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This is what makes HD TVs suitable for games

The game-ready HD television is an essential part if you want to enjoy HD games for the console in all their glory. So be sure to pay attention to quality here, because there is no point connecting a brand new console to an outdated television. However, not every HD TV is suitable for gaming. Make sure that the TV has an LCD display and not a plasma screen. Although the former have the problem that it can lag or jerk, plasma TVs burn in very quickly, which makes them unsuitable for gaming. (LED and LCD: what are the differences?)

Edge-LED or Direct-LED: What defines LED backlights in televisions

Pay attention to this when buying a game-ready HD television

If you want to connect your console to the LCD television, you should also make sure that it has a very short response time so that it does not cause annoying afterglow. You should also rule out possible causes of delays in order to avoid the dreaded jerking. Many modern HD televisions have technologies such as 100 Hz image processing, which unfortunately are very computationally intensive. Therefore, you should definitely disable them when playing with the console. HD televisions suitable for games often have a pre-installed game mode that automatically deactivates all relevant functions and enables fast-paced, enjoyable gaming. (Set HD TV: Optimize TV enjoyment)

HDTV holds the promise of high definition images. But you should set your HD television set to achieve the desired picture quality. Although you can watch TV with the factory settings after a new purchase, an individual setting usually provides significant added value.

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This is how you can set an HD television

If you want to adjust your HDTV, there are several ways to do it. According to “Computerbild”, the company “Burosch Audio-Video-Technik” has come up with free test images that allow image calibration to succeed without the use of complex measuring devices.

The first step is to download the test images from the Internet and transfer them to your television. This works, for example, by burning a DVD that you then play.

Create the perfect picture

When you tune into an HD television, it depends to a large extent on your subjective perception. Using the test images and test films, for example, the representation of human skin can be optimized or the sharpness, color temperature, contrast and brightness can be changed.

If you wish, you can always return to the initial values ​​and try around as you please.

Setting the HD television – tips

The factory settings of a television are usually too bright. According to, this is due to the fact that the screens have to attract attention in the harsh environment of an electronics store and are set accordingly. When you set up your HD television at home, make sure that the lighting conditions correspond to your everyday viewing habits.

In addition to the settings on your television, it can also be helpful if you install a light source behind the television. With a daylight bulb marked D65 or 6.500K, you support the image quality, especially when showing movies.

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Last but not least, you should keep your hands off supposed image optimizers. Although “anti-aliasing” or “super contrast” appear tempting when you set your HD television set, the effects achieved in this way quickly appear unnatural and in no way ensure a better picture.

Karaoke is a party game that originated in Japan. They sing along well-known songs while the text scrolls over the screen of a PC or a game console. You need a program and a microphone for the PC if you want to play the game. You can choose between a wired and a wireless microphone.

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Karaoke can be played well on the PC

If you have an appropriate program and a karaoke microphone, you don’t have to invest in an expensive game console. You can play the game directly on the PC. The microphone can be connected in the classic way via the audio connection or via USB.

Popular karaoke games for the PC are Karafun or UltraStar. The programs can be used free of charge as a demo. If you are satisfied, you have to buy it. The programs do not have any special performance requirements. You need a sound card and music in MP3 format. You tag these with the lyrics, which you can access for free on the Internet. The karaoke program adapts the music so that the lyrics scroll slowly across the screen as it is played. The original voice can be suppressed.

Buy a wired microphone

A wired karaoke microphone for the PC is available from various manufacturers. You can invest in a commercially available device. Microphones that are traditionally hand-held are better than headsets. When you sing, you get the feeling of being on stage. In theory, however, it is also possible to use a headset. When buying, make sure that the cable is long enough. Then you don’t have to stand directly in front of the PC. 

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Wireless mics are flexible

Microphones that are connected to the PC without cables are more flexible, but also slightly more expensive. We recommend the solution that is available to buy for the PlayStation game SingStar. The set includes two microphones and a controller. The controller can be connected to your PC via USB. The microphone set convinces with a very good sound quality and a long range. You can also play in larger rooms or in a hall without having to stand directly in front of the PC monitor. The volume cannot be controlled with the microphones. To save battery power, however, there is an on / off switch.

With an Outlook backup you can save your data and transfer it to another system, for example. Especially if you regularly receive a lot of important e-mails (business correspondence, etc.), the following steps are essential.

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This is how you can secure your data

In Outlook versions 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007, your e-mails are stored in so-called PST files, hidden deep on the hard drive.

However, you can export these files directly from the program with some ease: To do this, click in the “File” menu on the “Import / Export” entry, select “Personal folder file (.pst)” and confirm with “Next”.

In the next step, select the folder to be exported (for example “Inbox”) and confirm again with “Next”. Now click on the “Browse” button and mark the folder in which the PST file is to be saved.

Ideally, you should set up a backup folder beforehand. In the “File name” field, name the backup, click on “OK” and then on “Finish”. You can later import the backup you have created at any time in the same way.

Slight modification in Outlook 2010

If you want to back up data in “Outlook 2010”, the way is a little different: Click on “File” > “Options” > “Export”. In the next step, select “Export Outlook information to a file for use in other programs” and then “Export to a file”.

Confirm with “Next” and select “Outlook data file (.pst)” in the next menu. Again in the next window select “Outlook data file” again and click the “Include subfolders” check box. Confirm with “Next” and select the storage location for the file to be exported.

As an alternative to these methods, you can simply locate the required .pst file on your hard drive and copy / burn it, for example, to a USB stick or an optical data carrier.

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With “Outlook 2010” the files are located under C: \ Users \ Users \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Outlook (Windows 7 / Vista) or C: \ Documents and Settings \ Users \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook (Windows XP).

A plasma or LCD television is at the top of many wish lists in German households, but many questions arise before buying. The large television purchase advice from digital explains what you should pay attention to when buying a flat screen television.

A plasma or LCD television with a screen diagonal of 150 centimeters makes a great impression on friends and acquaintances, but does not make sense in every living room. Because: If you sit too close to the device, you will clearly see blurring and rough edges. Rule of thumb: For HDTV, the screen diagonal should not be more than a third of the distance between the armchair and the television. A small calculation example: If you are considering buying a TV set with a 42-inch diagonal (corresponds to about 106 centimeters), a minimum distance of 3.20 meters should be maintained. Measure your living room before you buy – and don’t forget to measure how much space there is in your closet for a TV set. Only LCD televisions are offered below 37 inches (94 cm); plasmas only come into play above this size. In the case of small and medium sizes, there is generally no getting around LCD televisions, while plasma televisions can also be considered for large screens over 1.20 meters in size.

Screen diagonal in inches

corresponds to centimeters



















LCD or Plasma?

LCD televisions have dominated the market for a long time, while only a few TV manufacturers are sticking to plasma. The fact that most manufacturers shy away from the production of plasma televisions has no quality reasons. Both TV technologies still have advantages and disadvantages.